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Have you ever been awake at night wondering how you will ever get your book done?

Or are you, like I was, walking around the piles of manuscript materials that had taken over my office, dining room and made their way into my bedroom? Not to mention the glances from my family who thought I was out of my mind to begin such a project.

I was already getting calls for radio shows and the women CEO's I had interviewed for my book, "Running in High Heels," were waiting for it to arrive in their mail. Alone, it was going nowhere fast, I couldn't step out of my own confusion, wanting to give so much but not sure where it all fit.  How could I find someone who would work with me, at my pace, be great to work with and turn around my manuscript in record time?

I knew my content, I knew my passion, I just didn't know how to put it all together. That is where Lisa Canfield, book author coach, came in.

She immediately took on my project on September 9th and completed putting together the 200 page book, beautifully edited, by September 24th. Lisa took me out of the turmoil and pain of transition and birthed that book in just over two weeks. (But you don't have to move that fast.)

If you want your book written do it with Lisa, you will enjoy it every step of the way and her personality and laughter will keep you and your writing light, joyous and fun.

Debora McLaughlin, CEO, The Renegade Leader Coaching and Consulting Group
Author of “Running in High Heels”

When I got down to the business of writing my first book, I struggled and struggled, and the more I thought I knew what I wanted to say, the more of a mess it became. It wasn’t before long that my strategy changed from “finishing my book” to “God, I hope I don’t embarrass the daylights out of myself.”


Thank you for making it sooooo easy.  For helping me to invent concepts and punctuation (and new French words!) that would resonate with my audience. For being willing to “go there” with me when it seemed perfectly appropriate to be a little crazy.


Je t'adore … I adore you. Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing. You've helped me find my own inspiration because you're such an inspiration!


Rémy Chaussé – Speaker, Author, “Living Life as an Exclamation Point!”

Like many of us, I wanted to someday write a book -- but when that someday would be, who knew?  Ever?  In one conversation with Lisa, I went from uncertainty and fear, to I want to write this book, now.  She took this big scary monster of writing a book and made it fun -- yes -- fun!  She guided me through the entire process, coached me along the way, kept me accountable, and it wasn't scary at all.  Now I have my first book and couldn't be more thrilled!  That someday I have always talked about has arrived! 


Shawn Shepheard, "The Sugar Free Shawn Show," Author, “Life is Sweet”

I knew I wanted to write a book – but I had no idea how to go about it.  I’m not a natural writer and the thought of organizing my life and my message into an entire book was overwhelming to me.

Luckily, I found the right person to help me tell my story and tell it in my voice – and that person was Lisa Canfield.  From start to finish, she found a creative and effective way to help me organize the book as well as tell it in my voice. It doesn’t sound like her book – it sounds like my book and that was the most important thing to me. Throughout the process, she tapped into what I wanted to say and gave me the way to say it.

If you’re looking for someone to help you deliver the book you’ve always wanted to write, stop looking and contact Lisa.  After one conversation with her, you’ll instantly realize she’s an expert at the book format and how to make it work for your story or message.


Kevin Bolibruk, Former Pro Hockey Player

I hired Lisa to help me write my book, and I was very clear that I didn’t want someone to ghostwrite my book, but rather help shepherd my book into being. I had so many articles, notes, transcripts of talks and ideas that I was thoroughly overwhelmed by the idea of getting it all into a book. Lisa read through my stuff, helped me organize my thoughts, created a sensible outline, and then guided me through the process of writing the book. She asked me important leading questions that helped me get my thoughts out, and pointed out where there was information still lacking so I could fill in the holes. She really was a "book shepherd" all the way through. It's been wonderful working with Lisa. She's highly intuitive, intelligent, efficient and organized. The perfect fit for this procrastinating author! 


Tricia Greaves Nelson, President, The Nelson Center for Emotional Healing

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