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So you’re ready to finally write that book that’s been hanging out in your brain for…like…forever.


Awesome! You’ve come to the right place…

If… you’re an entrepreneur, coach, professional or thought leader who knows you have something major to say, but wants help saying it in the most powerful way possible.


If… you are over swearing you’ll write your life story as soon as your rich uncle dies, or there are 30 hours in a day, or you make the cover of Forbes.


If… you’re done screwing around (with your book!), and ready to seriously, finally, get it done and have a beautiful, uber-cool reflection of who you are ready to go…

… in just a few months.


Yes, you read that right. You can have your completed manuscript, ready for publication, a few months from right now


…and I promise it won’t suck.


So… what kind of help am I talking about here?


Glad you asked! I’m talking about working with you from start to finish – helping you: 


     · Find and communicate in a voice that sounds like you

     · Organize all the thoughts bouncing around in your head

     · Present your story or message in a clear and compelling way, while I...

     · Hold your hand from the outline thru the very last word


Together, we’ll create the book that makes you sound like the genius you are. It’s kind of like having a super-experienced writing partner (with a few Amazon best sellers under her belt), except the book that comes out of it is totally, completely, 100% you


Ready to learn more?


Then click here to check out my packages. Yes, I know that sounds dirty.


Still have questions?


Then click here to set up a free discovery call to get some answers!


HATING your web copy? Got 45 minutes?


Then click here to join me for some Copy Therapy!



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