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If you’ve been paying attention so far… and I sincerely hope you have been…you know my name is Lisa Canfield, that I used to work in Hollywood, and that I marketed TV shows like “American Idol,” “Friends” and “24” (with the help of my amazing husband, Joel). 



Today, I use that experience of telling stories (under serious pressure) for giant studios like Warner Bros. and Paramount to ghostwrite books for entrepreneurs, professionals and executives. You know… regular people. 


Some of those books have even been Amazon best sellers.


But I’m not here to get you to hire me to ghostwrite your book (I have a whole other website for that -- click here to find out more!).


I’m here to help you write your book.


It’s kind of like having a writing partner -- except I provide an objective, outside perspective that doesn’t involve my ego, and you do the actual writing. My job is to hold your hand from start to finish, answering questions about style, content, structure, and the dreaded what-the-hell-do-i-do-now? I guide you through every step it takes to turn your concept, system or story into a finished manuscript. And I also edit it, to make sure it’s as good as it can possibly be.


Ready to hear more about how we can get your book out of your head and onto your desktop?


Click here to see my packages and prices.

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