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Turning in an article you need to get done, like, yesterday?  Putting up a web page for a new thing you’re super excited to offer?  Finishing that book you’ve been working on for months?


Here’s a little secret.  It’s not you.


Writing and writer’s block go hand in hand.  I know this from experience, because writing is my job.   Which means I experience writer’s block more (not less, more!) than the average person.  It’s basically an occupational hazard.


To deal with it, I came up with a system.  A simple, 5-step process that I follow every time I get writer’s block – because it helps me bust through whatever’s blocking me and get back to work.


I call it…The Positively True Actual Professional Writer’s Guide to Beating Writer’s Block.  (Yes, I know that’s a lot of words – clearly I wasn’t blocked when I named it.) 


And I’m offering it here, to you, for free, because I’m an awesome human being.


And, okay, also because I might want to send you some other helpful, writing-related tips from time to time…if that’s cool…


Anyway, if you’re blocked right now and desperate for help, or think you might be blocked at some point in the future (hint:  if you write, you probably will be!) just fill out this form and, through the magic of technology, the report will magically appear.
















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